Would you resign yourself also this winter to consume more energy than necessary?

Find out how much you’re wasting every winter, even if you think it’s a small change and you can solve the problem by yourself, without wasting too much time


Winter Energy Check Up is the only service that, thanks to the advice of an energetic engineer in your company, guarantees you to understand how much you are really wasting and how to save immediately.

and it is risk-free because if we do not find waste you do not pay us!

You need to realize a complex plant

but you have many doubts, as:


If something goes wrong, who faulted?
Professionists never give a guarantee of results and download the blames on the Installers

Will I pay the right?
Installers offer low-cost design, but very little information about the project.

Who follows me on the whole process and does not leave me alone?


the only service that guarantees you to understand how much you are really wasting and how to save immediately

and it is risk-free because if we do not find waste, you do not pay us!


You will certainly need to decide if perform an energy efficiency measure.

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacles to convince you to start the journey are:

very long pay back times of investments, let’s say more than 3 years
fear of not having a clear regulatory framework which really supports your choices
risk of interaction with the production process

You know that a study of the United States Department of Energy says that with low capital-intensive interventions (Retro Commissioning) you can reduce energy waste up to 20%?

I know, you’ll be thinking that you can do it all by yourself and you do not need a consultant. But let me tell you some secrets:

  • an uncalibrated thermostat can lead to energy waste and enormous inconveniences
  • bad regulated fans and pumps devour a lot of energy
  • the regulation system is a traitorous evil
  • winter energy wastes are also lurking in refrigeration systems

Your technician has time to see these, and others, problems or, as you know better than me, is too busy to (rightly) sort out the emergencies?

So you heard your designers. They told you that your installations are to be thrown away.
So the suppliers arrived to sell you miraculous… and expensive equipment. You bought them and then you remained alone!
You are tempted to give up your efficiency project.

It would take someone with the skills of a designer, who gets his hands dirty as a maintenance technician and finds concrete solutions, not just to sell them!



– Reduce consumption up to 10% for an SME means at least a saving of 20,000 €/year

– Reduce consumption up to 10% for a large company means at least a saving of 200,000 €/year


You are convinced to do it alone, but are you sure that an energy engineer by your side can not help you?

Did you know that Planex created EXCO precisely to make complex systems work better?


Our job is not selling abstract advice or equipment.
With us, plants work better to minimize consumption and maximize comfort.
We are not theorists, we define, togheter with the customer, solutions suitable for him

It seems very interesting, but before you spend, you would like to know potential savings.

Download our free guide to find out…


With the Winter Energy Check Up you can discover how:

  • improve comfort
  • shortly get lower energy consumption
  • eliminate user complaints

and checking very few parameters to keep forever the achieved results by measuring their effects.



  • analysis of consumption data that you sent us to prepare the day
  • an available energy engineer who will take a ride with you on your installations
  • highlighting larger inefficiencies with the indication of the next steps
  • a report with the status of your plants which shows you the way to improve