About us

We provide energy intelligence to ensure the efficient and smooth running of complex high-tech buildings.

We are an innovative startup, experts in energy signatures, energy audits, EPCs under the ESCo Formula, TEE incentives, ISO 50001, and much more.
Our mission is to remove (finally!) the handbrake holding back the efficient running of your plant and let you resume control of your energy situation.

With our help:

You will no longer use your systems with the hand brake applied

You can rest at ease that you are operating in full compliance with prevailing regulations

You will no longer face discomfort complaints from your users

We are different because:

One of the major aspects that differentiates us from other ESCos is that our background covers over 25 years of engineering experience (take a look at our Mother Company Planex).

We are engineers at heart,
and we have detailed knowledge of all aspects of plant operation.

This empowers us with a 360 ° energy efficiency vision that allows us to quickly identify all waste scenarios; we can thus advise you on the best effective measures to achieve energy efficiency and maximum cost savings.

What our customers say about us


Thanks to Exco Energy Continuity, with Energy Monitoring, we reduce wastage by keeping our primary facility cost centres under control.

East Balt Bakeries Tommaso De Marco
General manager
East Balt Italia
3 July 2017