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What is  Retro Commissioning?

Retro commissioning is the set of actions required to ensure that current plant is functioning optimally.

Does Retro Commissioning require large investments?

Certainly not! A team of technicians will examine your plant and optimise its performance, eliminating all the operational anomalies that may have accumulated over time.

But what sort of anomalies can be eliminated with Retro Commissioning?

– regulation valves that do not regulate;
– temperature probes reading incorrect values;
– poor operating timing;
– temperatures set to wrong values;
– and many more.

Where can I request a Retro Commissioning service?

EXCO has a team of Retro Commissioning specialists with backgrounds in complex high tech buildings plants.

What are typical Retro Commissioning pay-back times?

Generally, the expense is recovered in less than 6 months. Sometimes
in 12 weeks.

Is Retro Commissioning service included in the “Energy Strategy” formula?

Yes of course. We have examples of EPC (Energy Performance Contracts) applied to retro commissioning: we measure the savings by means of the International Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) and we are compensated by taking a percentage of the savings achieved.