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What is Active Energy Monitoring?

Active Energy Management Is a “dynamic” approach to governing technological systems that provides precise information on efficiency and possible system anomalies.

What are the advantages?

Energy efficiency at very low implementation costs because it is often based on plant regulation.

What are the most effective solutions?

Maintenance/replacement of generators with proven low efficiency.

What are the low CAPEX solutions?

There are several:

  • Correction of circuit temperatures set to wrong values,
  • Lighting switches set in automatic instead of manual mode;
  • Modulation of the AHU flow rate in relation to the actual occupation of the premises;
  • Correction of inappropriate usage times.
What are the achievable savings?

30% on heating and/or cooling consumption.
40% on fan power consumption.
15% on lighting consumption.
10% on ventilation consumption.

What incentives are available?

You can make use of italian White Certificates when installing monitoring systems.

Are there any associated risks or disadvantages?

By not resorting to an expert team, you run the risk of monitoring relatively unimportant energy cost centres or, alternatively, ignore the more relevant ones.