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What is mechanical ventilation?

This is the system composed of fans, air ducts, vents and diffusors.

Are ventilation systems costly?

Yes, they are very costly! On an annual basis, the cost of electricity to run the fans is comparable to that for the production of heat and cold for the air that they would drive.

How can I save on ventilation?

Install directly coupled reversible blades with a conveyor [screw].
Power them by means of an inverter.
Carry out a TAB for your plant installations.
Implement intelligent air flow rate regulation.

What is TAB for plant?

TAB is the acronym for Testing Adjustment and Balancing in relation to the airflow.

How does TAB reduce costs?

Balancing and calibrating the plant prevents the dampers from being too closed and ensures that each area receives the appropriate intake of air. This reduces the number of fans required as well as their flow rate.

Does TAB save imply savings only in electric fan power?

No. Savings can also be achieved in terms of heating and cooling energy because you will need to treat less air: Maintenance costs will also be lower because air filters will last longer.

What other benefits will I get?

Lower noise levels.
The occupants will be grateful for the elimination of hot and cold drafts.

What is meant by “intelligent regulation of air flow rates”?

Intelligent airflow regulation ensures that the air dampers are always open to the fullest extent possible and thus the fans are required to perform the minimum of work driving the air mass.
In a nutshell – with intelligent air flow regulation, you avoid “pedalling with the brakes on”.