Beyond LEDs


Further efficiency measures can be readily implemented in lighting systems
with solutions that go beyond simply installing LEDs

Our answers will provide precious insights

So are LEDs a thing of the past?

Absolutely not. Replacing traditional LED light fittings is a very good solution covered by the lighting Energy Strategy.

What are other technologies can save energy in lighting systems?

Occupancy sensors, lightin sensors, time scheduling, harnessing natural daylight!

How much could I save this way?

It depends on your comparison reference. Compared to standard fluorescent lamps, you can save up to 60%. However, remember to normalise consumption for given lighting levels (contact us if you have any doubts!).

 What are the risks if I want to do it by myself and perhaps simply implement the classic point wise replacement?

The risk is that you might neglect to evaluate the following parameters:

  • maintained illuminance
  • unified glare rating
  • illuminance uniformity
  • colour rendering index

Should I commission a design project? (Click here to read more)

The Italian Supreme Court of Cassation, with its ruling nr. 37559 of 13.09.2013, confirmed judgement against an employer and sentenced a fine because he did not install suitable artificial lighting devices in the workplace, thus violating the relevant provisions.

What if I cannot afford to invest in a major relamping programme?

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