Have you ever wondered where your energy wastage is concentrated?

Carry out an assessment with the help of an expert, identify where you are wasting and implement the necessary remedies.

Avoid investing in the wrong place and first identify where your greatest costs are.



Legislative Decree 102/2014 legally enforces the measurement and monitoring of energy consumption centres.
You may get the idea that measurement is complicated and expensive and you would ask yourself, for example:

  • What do I measure and where?
  • Am I acting in compliance with Legislative Decree 102/2014?
  • How much will this cost me?

To cut your worries and start resuming control, trust us as we are the ones with engineering in our blood!

Energy Discovery in brief

Energy Discovery


Energy signature (IPMVP, UNI EN 15603) Discover the information hidden in your bills and energy meters.

Energy Discovery


Energy audit (UNI CEI EN 16247, D.Lgs 102/2014)

Find out where you are wasting energy and plan targeted investments.

Modelling the energy and lighting performance of the building-plant system (with Energy Plus, Design Builder, Dialux, Ecotect).

You don’t have initial data?
Don’t worry.
We use energy simulation techniques.

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We will accompany you on every stage of this journey


Camst Soc. Coop. a r.l.

Thanks to Exco Energy Discovery, the energy audit highlighted how we could intervene in more than 15 energy efficiency areas, reducing our energy costs by more than 15%.

Camst Soc. Coop. a r.l. 3 July 2017

Costa Edutainment

Thanks to Exco Energy Discovery, by means of an energy audit, we discovered how to reduce our energy consumption by more than 5% of our total energy bill.

Costa Edutainment Marco Caraveo Direttore tecnico Costa Edutainment 3 July 2017