Do you work in a complex high-tech buildings?

Do you frequently hear about energy efficiency – but such is the confusion that you don’t know where to start?

All the available instruments seem overly complicated and the bewildering data discourages you from proceeding further?



Discover immediately and for free if you are wasting
more than your competitors by starting your 



You will precisely determine your energy costs

You will discover what distinguishes you from your industry sector competitors

You will learn how much you can improve by setting up a correct energy strategy




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East Balt Bakeries

Thanks to Exco Energy Continuity, with Energy Monitoring, we reduce wastage by keeping our primary facility cost centres under control.

East Balt Bakeries Tommaso De MarcoGeneral manager East Balt Italia 3 July 2017

Camst Soc. Coop. a r.l.

Thanks to Exco Energy Discovery, the energy audit highlighted how we could intervene in more than 15 energy efficiency areas, reducing our energy costs by more than 15%.

Camst Soc. Coop. a r.l. 3 July 2017

Costa Edutainment

Thanks to Exco Energy Discovery, by means of an energy audit, we discovered how to reduce our energy consumption by more than 5% of our total energy bill.

Costa Edutainment Marco Caraveo Direttore tecnico Costa Edutainment 3 July 2017

East Balt Bakeries

Thanks to Exco Energy Strategy, under an Energy Performance Contract, we renovated the electrical lighting systems at our facility in Bomporto, without any new investments and with a saving of approximately 60% compared to previous costs.

East Balt Bakeries Tommaso De MarcoGeneral manager East Balt Italia 3 July 2017

Atlas Copco

Thanks to Exco Energy Continuity, with the services of a dedicated consultant we obtained our ISO 50001 certification in a very short time.

Atlas Copco Elena Zanotto Plant&Property TL and QSHE Manager Atlas Copco Product Company Brendola 3 July 2017

Best Western EN

Thanks to the first level audit performed with Exco, we have investigated issues related to comfort improvement in our hotel, to consolidate the current high percentage of average annual employment.
In this way we have also discovered energy saving opportunities up to 14% of our annual energy bills

Best Western Andrea Quattrone General Manager Best Western Hotel Porto Antico 14 February 2018