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What are the potential cost savings for cooling equipment?

Energy consumption may be reduced from 5% to 50%, and not only in relation to production.

What are the potential advantages?

Less energy consumption at the same building heating need and greater generation efficiency.

What are the most effective solutions?

– Reducing heating loads thus minimising cooling requirements;
– Ensuring sufficient cooling water flow velocity to limit the deposition of impurities in the refrigeration heat exchanger;
– Exploitation of free cooling techniques;
– Closed circuit systems to reduce water requirements;
– Diligent cleaning and maintenance;
– Accurate energy monitoring (by knowing your consumption you have more information to understand how to intervene);

What are the low CAPEX solutions?

– Proper control of production and ambient temperature set points;
– Proper setting of regulation parameters (on/off times, etc.);
– Free cooling;
– Diligent cleaning and maintenance.

What incentives are available?

White Certificates: italian incentives applicable to the civil and industrial sectors. There are incentives for replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency solutions and installation of electric heat pumps or gas-based cooling systems.

Are there other advantages besides
the energy aspects?

– Choice of solutions that are not compatible with the site’s environmental characteristics (outdoor temperatures, water availability, availability of installation space, restrictions on exhaust smoke plumes);
– Unsuitable regulation logic setups for the exploitation of new generation refrigeration equipment.