Waste in a breeze!

Energy wastage in compressed air networks can be insidious

Our answers will provide precious insights

How much energy saving can be achieved
in compressed air systems?

You can reduce your consumption by up to 33%!
For more information, download the European Commission BAT

What are the best energy saving actions
for compressed air systems?

By far the most effective action to be taken in these cases is to cut leakage! You can save 20% per year.
These are also part of Exco’s Energy Strategy solutions

Are there other low investment solutions?

Of course there are!
As much as 80% of the electrical energy used to drive the compressors can be recovered for heating.
By adjusting the pressure in relation to the load you can recover up to 18%.
By aspirating fresh air you can save up to 2%.
…to mention a few.

Should the compressors themselves be replaced?

It’s best to replace them after the leakage reduction. You may find that smaller compressors may be sufficient, saving a little money for their purchase! Or you may not have to replace them at all!

Are there other advantages besides the energy aspects?

You can reduce oil consumption, noise and environmental impact.