Save up to 62%
of your energy consumption

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What is it?

The term “Intelligent Building” denotes a structure whose plant facilities are managed in an integrated and automated way. The relevant advantages apply to any type of building: from residential quarters to service industry property, especially for existing buildings.

What are the achievable savings?

This approach can generate savings of up to 21% in power consumption and up to 62% in thermal energy consumption.

What are the advantages?

Adopting an integrated plant supervision and control system optimization of plant regulation control entails:

  • Maximum energy savings;
  • Maximum plant performance;
  • Optimal comfort;
  • Enhanced occupant safety;
  • Various plant resources may be integrated to efficiently service the same building;
  • Alarms may be monitored and managed from one location.
What are the most effective solutions?

Optimised management of plant control logic.
Regulation of plant set-points as a function of ambient and outdoor conditions.

What are the low CAPEX solutions?

Performance optimisation through regulation and control of process and machine operating parameters.
Source integration of renewable and non-renewable fuel plant in the interest of maximising cost savings.
Adjustment of lighting conditions according to real necessity and actual presence of people.

What incentives are available?

Incentives encouraging greater automation investment are available through the italian White certificates mechanism (according to Ministerial Decree 11/01/2017 published in the Official Journal on 4/4/2017).
Tax deductions for building renovation apply (under Presidential Decree 917/86 as amended).

Are there any associated risks or disadvantages?

By blindly trusting those who have a stake in selling instrumentation, you could end up with an exaggerated number of interconnected points under control, with increased costs and without a corresponding improvement in benefits.

Your plant control parameters may converge to inappropriate regulation settings acting in opposition and generating oscillations in machine operation and user discomfort.