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What are the potential cost savings?

From 5% to 50% of your previous energy consumptions.

What are the achievable savings?

Less energy consumptions with the same thermal load satisfied.
Much more comfort.

What are the most effective solutions?

BMS effective control. Setpoints, scheduling, ecc.

  • Improvement of pumping system control
  • Balancing of hydronic and aeraulic plants
  • Radiant systems together with low temperatures ambient setpoint in not occupied thermal zones
  • Energy monitoring (knowing energy consumptions, is knowing potential areas of efficiency)
What are the low CAPEX solutions?

Setpoint temperatures scheduling

Improvement in building automation control

What incentives are available?

In Italy the well known Certificati Bianchi market is available. It is aimed to incentive energy efficiency actions with innovative solutions.

Are there any associated risks or disadvantages?

• Combustion air pre-heating could lead to NOx creations, over prescriptive limits
• Smoke plums out of the chimney
• Too low fumes temperatures lead to acids condensation with damage of ducts surfaces
• Huge sizes of heat exchangers